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  1. That is an excellent blog post title you dfelniteiy should write it as it could be both funny and informative. My 3 tips on managing the noise would be:1. Don’t jump immediately onto the rush to try every new latest shiney tool e.g. such as Google Wave. Let others do all the work, road test and when enough say is worthwhile then pay attention to the noise2. Use zero inbox (I’m not sure if I can explain how that helps but it does)3. Work out which voices in your network are the most important opinions to listen to so you know when they say it that you need to pay attention. @Damien I’ve dropped past your blog and left you a comment. But might was well leave it for homework here for others. All these terms are dfelniteiy designed to confuse us. Personal learning environments are quite different from Personal learning networks. Any one want to explain/debate the difference?@Carole I’m intrigued by your Push vs Pull examples. I’m still pondering it but isn’t all of them in a sense both push and pull I suppose depending on how you use?@Lee yes there is a bit of skill keeping up with your reader and dfelniteiy all the RT of this post have made people notice it. While to some extent twitter is a bit like a rating scale I don’t necessarily agree it as efficient as a feed reader but then this will depend on how many people you are following and how efficient you are using both. The other aspect I would argue is that the size of your network impacts on the number of retweets. The larger my Twitter following gets the more RTs I get. There are reasons why probloggers build large FB and twitter networks. Thanks for completing my survey and yes Valentina mentioned your VoiceThread. @Darcy Thanks for telling your readers about it via a post. I really appreciate it as I would like to counteract the potential bias being created by the number of RTs.@JoNelle I’ve always found different tools take differencing times to appreciate their value. Blogging was a year for me, Flickr was similar while Twitter was perhaps 2 months? Nowadays if someone who I really respect sees value I make sure that I take the time to check it out.

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  6. é triste e lamentavel as condições em que se encontra o abatedouro de Escada. Como Escadense fico indignado em ver tanto descaso e falta de respeito com a população; esse prefeito realmente é um ditador e sanguessuga, que vergonha uma cidade com 63mil habitantes sem ter um abatedouro, chamem a Rede globo nordeste, gente de Escada façam alguma coisa estado de abandono não pode continuar. Mauricio Barros – Santos – SP.

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